Hunt for the Troll

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So here recently, I have been in what I would call the opposite of a reading slump–but just as frustrating. If I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now: I have a genre interest that spans for miles and juts off in tangents. This makes it difficult when I get into the “I WANT TO READ EVERYTHING” because I lose focus so quickly. (Note here I said focus not interest).

That being said, Hunt for the Troll was an interesting and immersive read for me! At first glance, I thought this novel was going to be in line with an action/drama vibe that centered around technological ideologies that I as a reader may not entirely grasp. However, the story that author Mark Richardson provides is a melting pot of mystery, noir, and RPG fantasy. Initially, this is what really grasped my attention when looking over the synopsis, since I’ve dabbled in RPGs myself.(WoW being my main preference). I wasn’t too sure as I was reading this novel that I would find myself relating to the main character as he presents himself as lacking empathy but then expressing frustrations with the elusiveness of the Troll. However, as I was drawn further into the novel, it began to make more sense to me as to why the narrator is within that frustration.

All in all, I think that if you’re in avid reader limbo, this novel is the one to pull you right out 😀


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